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The Musicians Today

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Founder and leader of Edwin & the Bedouins, Edwin Brownell has brought so much talent through his group that he has been described as "a cross between the Miles Davis" and "Frank Zappa" of Montreal. The bandleader is a classical composer and concert pianist as well as an author and rocker. Trained through the Royal Conservatory, Edwin has been a music professional for over three decades, and his classical compositions are played on the radio across five continents. Besides touring with his own group, he has performed with other artists and as a soloist all around the world.

Jerry Mercer


Drummer of Triangle, Roy Buchanan, Offenbach, April Wine and The Buzz Band, Jerry is simply one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. He has been Edwin & the Bedouins' first drummer since 1999, and has performed at all our concerts since 2003. Besides headlining "The Festival Express" with Mashmakhan, Jerry has played on innumerable albums and performed on concert stages across every corner of the planet. His latest project JerryCo (with many other Bedouin alumni) pays tribute to his long and legendary career.

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Stu Patterson


The solid yet groovy bottom end of Desperate Executives, The Jimmy Dogs, Lazerus Moan and Lil Buck, Stu has been both inventive and dependable wherever he has hung his hat. A Bedouin for over two decades, this Montreal bassist has been the regular four string wonder for the group over the last few years.

Kelly Watling


An unsung music legend who most Montreal players regard as one of the world's hottest electric guitarists, Kelly "sculpts" sound in a truly unique and original way. Lead six stringer for Big City, he has performed at every Bedouin show since 2003 (and on Edwin's last three rock albums) and now plays the front line with Gary Moffat in JerryCo

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Rob MacDonald


Simply put, one of the best guitarists anywhere, Rob brought Edwin onto the Montreal circuit in the early 1990s with groups like Black and Blue, Crawdaddy and Angel and the Bad Boys. His stellar playing is on every Bedouin album, he has performed at almost every Bedouin concert since 2006 and he now works with acclaimed folk-singer Rob Lutes. When he is not touring, he is active as a session player, and has recorded with Natalie McMaster as well as other stars of the Canadian music scene.

Carl Dixon


Founder  of Coney Hatch, lead singer of The Guess Who, and guitarist of April Wine, Carl Dixon is a Canadian music legend whose groups have sold millions of albums and have toured all across the world. Besides rocking out with "The Hatch", Carl has opened shows for Iron Maiden and, most recently, British Lion. Living close to Toronto, Carl has only performed a few times with Edwin, but is always open to another good gig with the Bedouins. He is also active as an inspirational speaker and author while he is not busy with his solo career. 

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Snooky Alston


With a golden voice, charismatic stage presence and powerful backbeat, Snooky has graced the Bedouin lineup for over two decades. Performing regularly with his own group Snooksta and the Gangstas (a fixture at the House of Jazz), Snooky has also played with Skipper Dean, Freddie James, Norman Braithwaite, Alma Faye Brooks and in just about all the major R&B Revues to hit Eastern Canada 

Gary Moffat


Guitarist of April Wine throughout their glory years, Gary has also worked with Sass Jordan and backed or produced many other Canadian stars. Gary has performed with the Bedouins since 2014, and brings crowds to their feet when he guests with the band. Nowdays, besides solo and duo work covering jazz standards, he also performs regularly with Jerry Mercer and his group JerryCo.

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Breen LeBoeuf


One of the greatest voices of Quebec and Canada, Breen was alongside Jerry on the original Festival Express train, railroading across Canada with The Band, Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead. Best known for his work with Offenbach and April Wine, Breen also was Celine Dion's featured singer in her breakout tour. He has done numerous charity concerts with the Bedouins, and it is always wonderful to have him on stage whenever his busy schedule allows. Today he tours Quebec and Central Canada as an aclaimed and award winning solo performer as well as frontman for the JerryCo group.

Stephen Rudinsky


Mild-mannered Stephen has playing drums since 1968. Having WAY TOO MUCH FUN, he did big band shows from 1976 to 1990 with The Magic Touch Band and the Al Stevens Orchestra. After that he turned to rock music (gasp) and toured with Lipstick, Dogstar, Pegasus and Pythagorus before settling into the blues scene. Since 2000, Stephen has performed with Jimmy James and has been Jerry Mercer's partner in crime in Edwin & the Bedouins since 2013. It was about time for some more FUN Stephen!!!

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John McGale


Leader of Offenbach, and one of Canada's best songwriters, John McGale is another bona fide rock legend. First appearing with the Bedouins on their CTV spot in 2012, he has also guested with the band at their most recent benefit concerts.  A virtuosos guitarist, he has penned tunes for Céline Dion, Eric Lapointe, Julie Masse, Natasha St-Pier, Dan Bigras, Martin Deschamps and Nanette Workman besides his own groups Offenbach and the Buzz Band.

Sharon Blauer


A Bedouin since 1995, Sharon worked with the Montreal groups Nightwind and Purpose before making her name singing in all the top end nightclubs in North Africa. Whenever in Canada she has appeared with the Bedouins, or with Edwin at his classical Place des Arts concerts. A charismatic, powerful and dependable front-woman, Sharon works as a spiritual healer when she is not wowing crowds in Cairo, Alexandria and Montreal.

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Thomas Harris


Thomas Harris was born in the Bronx, NYC and is a graduate of Fordham University. The drummer for Pat Benetar,  Eric Gale, Harry Belafonte, Lonny Liston and Mark Whitfield, Thomas auditioned and secured Steve Gadd's chair in the the famous session group Stuff, with whom he was invited to open the JVC Jazz Fest in Japan with Freddie Hubbard. A Bedouin since 1999, and a founding member of the Aliens, Thomas is simply one of the best drummers anywhere.

Dave Devine


Playing drums since he was 10, Dave has performed with Jim Zeller, Frede Freedom, Sonja Ball and the Chain, Nanette Workman, Jonas, Arianne Moffat, Carl Tremblay, Miles Goodwin (April Wine), Sass Jordan, Jean Marc Parent, Jimmy James, Zachary Richard,  Dawn Tyler Watson, Kim Richardson, Jean Millaire, Angel Forrest, Slim Williams, John McGale, Stephane Montenaro (Uzeb), Michel Donato (Oscar Peterson Trio), Kenny Dupree and Brian Tyler, as well as Edwin & the Bedouins. Famous for his flaming drumsticks, make sure there is a sprinkler system nearby when Dave sits down at the drum-kit!!!.

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Paul Harwood


The former bassist of Mahogany Rush, Montreal's Paul "Tex" Harwood is also an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Besides touring internationally with Frank Marino, Paul has performed with Montreal artists such as Nanette Workman, Jim Zeller, April Wine's Brian Greenway, Mack Mackenzie, Bat Taylor, Norman (Bokomaru) and Vincent (Foreign Affairs/Pre-Madonnas) Marino, Angel Forrest and many others.

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