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Hi everyone!!! As the world suffers through the Coronavirus, people MUST stay home to stop our health system being overwhelmed. For me and for all other professional musicians, our income has evaporated as all our concerts have been cancelled. This has been the right thing to do, but we still need to earn our living, so in lieu of performing in front of a real audience, I am going to give evening online concerts on Facebook at 7PM each night.


This Page will have links to older online shows archived chronologically, as well as future setlists. Keep your hands clean, stay in if you can, and remember we're all in this together. The First Corona Concert Series start on Friday March 20th and ends on Sunday May 31st with a recap on June 2nd, so please enjoy my music, feel free to comment and share, and here's wishing you all only health and happiness!!!

Hi my friends and welcome to my new Edwin & the Bedouins website.


The first thing I would like to do is to thank all the people who have helped make the band all that it is.

Edwin & the Bedouins is a musical collective. Over the years the Bedouins and I have together defined our sound, and I encourage everyone to go to the Musicians page to visit every player that has been part of our journey. In this regard I would like to thank all who have performed as Bedouins over the years and especially guitarists Mike Padra, Brendan Walsh, Andy (Chuck) Dacoulis, Kelly Watling, Gary Moffet, John McGale and Rob MacDonald, bassists Tim Walsh, Jayme Tartaglia, Richard Fallis, Joel Sacks, Breen LeBoeuf and Stu Patterson, vocalists Nathalie Michel, Melina Polet, Jenny Wright, Angel Forrest, Bobby Lee Silcott, Kenny Dupree and Sharon Blauer, and drummer/percussionists Mike Dennis, Silvio Orvieto, R.D. Harris, Dave Neil, Marco Vizza, Kevin Jordan, Snooky Alston, Rob Couture, Steve Rudinsky and Jerry Mercer.


In the graphics and photography department (including my album art and my online presence) I would like to thank Tom Potts, Chris Kralik, Ginette Drouin, Sacha Dmytruk and especially Bob Malvasio.

For recording, editing, mixing, mastering and pressing my music I would like to thank Rod Shearer, Greg Smith, Jarad Pesner, Tom Rathie, Peter Bowering, Jim Rabchuk, Eve Duplessis and especially Chris Leon and Ryan Moray.

For helping with my merch I would like to thank Gail Nelson and especially Jill Deevy.

For being my beautiful and supportive family, I would like to thank my amazing mom MeeMee, my beautiful wife Nechama and the rest of my much-loved relatives in Ottawa, Montreal and Israel.

Now it's time to meet the Bedouins and see what's up!!!